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News Report

Division 2 Becomes Even Closer


No joy for teams at the bottom of Division 1

There were two matches in Division 1 and both highlighted the difference between Division 1 and 2 and teams at the top and bottom of Division 1.  In spite of the fact that both CN Emperors and De la Beche A would be expected to dominate Division 2 they both suffered 5-0 defeats at the hands of teams in the top half of the table;  Emperors at home to Nidum, while De la Beche A were at home to White Knights B.

Division 2 got a lot more interesting this week.  Top of the table De la Beche B were away to White Knights D and came up against a team that out-graded them on every board.  In spite of De la Beche taking the points on the bottom two boards the wins for the Knights on the top three gave them the match 3-2.  It now sees the Knights sitting on the same match point total as the Sketty team.  Two more title contenders met on the Thursday with Morriston Dutch travelling to Briton Ferry to take on BF Giants.  The Giants fielded one of their strongest teams of the season and if a difference in ratings means anything they should have taken the match.  It was not to be, however, and in spite of being out-graded on every board Morriston D went home with the spoils 3-2.  It takes the Morriston team up the table to join De la Beche B and White Knights D on 14 points with only game points separating them.  All three teams have still to play each other so some interesting encounters ahead.  There was one other match in Division 2 and it was between De la Beche C and UK Merlins.  Both sides were reasonably strong by Division 2 standards so no surprise that the result was close.  In the end the match went to the Merlins 3-2.

Two matches in Division 3.  De la Beche D made the short trip up to Upper Killay where they played the Harriers.  It was another close match but yet again it was a defeat for a De la Beche team, 3-2.  This was definitely not a good week for the Sketty club with their top 4 teams all losing their matches.  The other match was between challengers Morriston French and St Michael’s school with both teams fielding a good number of juniors.  It was Morriston F that triumphed in style, however, by 4½-½.  This was their third win a row and it keeps them just within striking distance of leaders Brunel.   Their head to head encounter on February 3rd is a match that the Morriston team will need to win if they want to maintain the pressure on the Briton Ferry team.

The week about to start is reserved for cup clashes so no more League matches until the 3rd February.