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Emperors Defeat BF All Blacks and avoid relegation from Division 1. De la Beche B just waiting to see if Morriston E overtake them for the Division 3 title.

Just two matches in Division 1.  White Knights C travelled to Morriston to play their last match of the season, and it was an evenly balanced affair against Morriston B.   Three draws and a win apiece to each team with a share of the points, and a guarantee that their respective positions in the table would remain unchanged.

The second match was more important and it was a relegation decider between CN Emperors and BF All Blacks.  With at least one game going right down to the wire it was a hard fought encounter with the Emperors eventually triumphing 3-2.   The result ensures that the Emperors will finish at least 2 points above the All Blacks and thus avoid relegation.   The only way the All Blacks can possibly avoid this scenario is if they get a win against White Knights A this coming Wednesday.  Not much chance of that, especially when a win or a draw for the Knights will give them the title.

Three matches in Division 2 with De la Beche University working hard to fulfil all their fixtures.  On Wednesday the De la Beche team played White Knights D with the Knights just taking the win 3-2.   The following night, however, an almost identical University side took on UK Merlins and redeemed themselves.   A 3½-1½ win for the De la Beche team lifted them above BF Giants and given that BF Brunel lost to Morriston D (4-1) on the same night it dooms one or the other of the Briton Ferry teams to relegation.

In Division 3 De la Beche struggled to put out a C team on the same night that their University team were playing.  Defaulting 3 boards against Morriston G meant that they were lost before they started. In addition the Morriston team won the only games that were played and De la Beche C slumped to a 5-0 defeat - their worst result of the season.  It also gave Morriston G a sort of revenge for the 5-0 defeat they endured in their first encounter.

St Michael’s School notched up their fourth defaulted match of the season when they informed De la Beche B that because of exam preparation they would be unable to play the fixture postponed from the 21st February.  This gave De la Beche B a 2 point boost but as they have no more matches to play they must now wait to see if Morriston E will overtake them by winning their two remaining matches.



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